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I've been a fan of Dion-Kennedy combination for the past couple of months. I think it recalls a Canadian tradition of joint Anglo-Franco leadership teams, like Baldwin-Lafontaine, Macdonald-Cartier, King-Lapointe, Martin-Lapierre, (oops, scratch that last one).

I think a Dion-Kennedy ministry could be really good for the country. However, the significant strike against them, I think would be their foreign policy. Kennedy certainly has no experience there, while I think that Dion has better potential. But neither of them have talked about Canada's commitment to Afghanistan or Canada's role in the wider war very encouragingly.

I was also wary during Kennedy's speech when he started talking about the "small noises" across the country, the struggles that ordinary Canadians face and that the Liberal party has always been the party that makes the struggles of Canadians "their business." I'm definitely not a vehement small-government supporter, but I think I draw the line of government intrusiveness much earlier than many Liberals. Kennedy's rhetoric was sounding like a prescription for intrusion.

Third-ballot results coming soon. We'll see where the Liberals are at.

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Andrew Potter noticed very much the same thing:

If they actually do end up having a formal relationship as a leadership team, we might actually get some good ideas out of the Liberal Party.

Now to deal witht that pesky foreign policy issue that they're struggling with...

Posted by Blogger blackhole @ December 03, 2006 11:32 a.m. #
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