Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I happened upon a print edition of the National Post this morning and decided to read David Frum's column as as I seldom have the opportunity to do so.

The short version is that Frum asserts that today's Candian Liberalism stands for nothing, has no ideas and no vision (admittedly, that's not the most radical assertion to make). He then reminds the reader of Prof. Michael Ignatieff's speech at the last Liberal Party convention suggesting Igantieff appeals to old school Liberals who hanker for another Trudeau. But, Frum says, today's Liberalism is intellectually hollow and has nothing to offer Canada, and that Ignatieff has nothing of substance to add.

Then in the last two paragraphs Frum actually challenges Ignatieff to a debate. I no longer have the paper in front of me but to paraphrase, he says: "wouldn't it be great if an institution like UofT or Global News were to sponsor a debate between the two of us. I would quickly show Ignatieff the hollowness of today's Liberalism. I would be happy to debate him at any time."

Wow. That's a contest I would be interested in seeing. Frum and Ignatieff could perhaps remind us of what a serious political debate looks like. Will Igantieff take the bait?

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I have a big deadline for my thesis on Friday (namely, it has to be finished), hence the lack of blogging over the past two weeks, not that there are too many of you left reading. Hopefully there will be more consistent (though not necessarily more quantity) of blogging by next week. For now, I can say I have just as much quality and quantity as the CBC. (Zing! Easy CBC joke).

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I would love to see that debate.

Posted by Blogger Toronto Tory @ September 06, 2005 5:54 p.m. #

agreed, that would be a good debate

Posted by Blogger Hockey Jones @ September 08, 2005 2:53 p.m. #
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