Monday, August 15, 2005


Paul Wells and Chantel Hebert add some much needed sober thought to the Governor-General debate, which, incidentally, Bourque continues to sensationalize.

I still believe that the Governor General designate's political opinions, and, yes, even her voting record (on a sovereignty referendum), are relevant to her upcoming appointment. However, after reading Wells and Hebert, I am increasingly inclined to give Mme. Jean the benefit of the doubt.

The best part of Wells' post is his condemnation of the PMO for once again assuming that Canadians are not cabable of engaging in political debate.


Of course, this prime minister's suppression of dissent is never violent. So it is not Stalinist, merely pathetic. We are adults out here. Stop calling Ralph Klein and Stephen Harper and talk to us. We can have a conversation about the relationship between two Quebec intellectuals and the central Quebec political debate of the last 40 years.
Why does this seem like too much to ask?

Posted by Matthew @ 1:31 p.m.