Monday, May 02, 2005


Battle lines are being drawn and everyone in the Canadian blogosphere is taking sides, even if its to not take sides at all.

I am, of course, referring to the creation in the past week of The Blogging New Democrats, The Progressive Bloggers, and The Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians. This in addition to the well established Blogging Tories.

I am currently staying up at all hours to finish a term paper; however, when it is done at some point today or early tomorrow, expect a post on the factioning of the blogosphere, why I'm disappointed with it, and ergo why I will continue to be an unaligned blogger celebrating my independence. Expect references to the English Civil War and pre-Rebellion Upper Canadian political culture.

For a preview of my sentiments check out this RevMod post. Maybe Don and I can create a non-alliance of the non-aligned independents.

Update, Wednesday 4 May, 1:41 p.m: Don't worry my promised post is still coming. This issue of factions in the blogosphere has gotten more attention at this e-group post and in the comments. Short version: I agree with Jason that parties develop because of the structural mechanics related to voting in representative assemblies, but that there is no need to carry such divisions into the blogosphere.

Posted by Matthew @ 12:56 a.m.

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I look forward to your attempt to split the hair which can (you promise) be subdivided into a superior non-allied non-partisan piece and an inferior allied non-partisan piece. :)

Also, the link to revmod seems broken.

Posted by Blogger Declan @ May 03, 2005 2:52 p.m. #
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