Friday, February 18, 2005


Incase you're not keeping up (and if so why not?) yesterday Mader wrote this. In response I wrote this. Mader has come back with this.

Mader's second post had more of what I was looking for. To be honest, I think I agree with Mader more than my first post lets on. However, what I couldn't handle from Mader's first post was the apparent simplistic and reductionist nature of his argument: There were communist therefore McCarthy was 'right.' Enough said.

My question was: what is this an argument for? Mader responded, to my mind quite aptly.

However, I think there are still questions about why people were targeted by HUAC simply on the basis of supposed political ideology. No matter how dangerous a particular ideology may be (and I think Mader and I are largely in agreement about communism) it seems incredibly anti-liberal to organize an investigation around what people believe. My limited knowledge of the HUAC hearings indicates that very few people were infact acting or planning to act against the United States.

Whether there were witches or not, I think 'how were people treated' is an important question.

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Mader's reply then went to say that the only liberals who rejected communism were the future neoconservatives. That's bullshit, and either Mader knows is and is lying or doesn't know it, and ought to educate himself before writing posts.

What was the need for the drive-by smear?


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