Thursday, November 11, 2004


I just returned from the Kingston Remembrance Day ceremony. They do a pretty good job of it here, which I suppose is to be expected given that the city is home to a forces base and the Royal Military College.

It is a pretty cold, damp, bleak, day here in Kingston, which is actually weather that I think is appropriate on Remembrance day. Remembering those who gave their lives for our peace and freedom shouldn't be comfortable, and, for me, standing outside in the cold helps focus my thoughts on remembrance.

On Remembrance Day I usually try to read and, now that I blog, post a few poems that strike me as being appropriate for the occasion. I have so little, or really no, experience of war, that I find there is little that I can adequately say about it. Except that I am grateful for that luxury.

Posted by Matthew @ 12:02 p.m.