Saturday, November 20, 2004


Stephen Taylor continues to be hot on the case of tracking the NDP e-mail campaign supporting Tommy Douglas as "The Greatest Canadian."

Just to provide some perspective, two quick Google searches found the following:

The Canadian Diabetes Association, The University of Western Ontario and the City of London, are all supporting sir Frederick Banting for Greatest Canadian.

The Sierra Club of Canada is actively endorsing David Suzuki as "The Greatest," despite the fact that Suzuki himself has come out in support of Tommy Douglas.

Terry Fox Secondary School is, I suppose unsurprisingly, supporting its namesake.

Stephen also seems to suggest that there is something wrong with stuffing the ballot box in an on-line/phone-in popularity contest. He's so principled.

Finally, CBC's current age bracket breakdown of the 'Greatest' standings indicates that Terry Fox leads the vote of all those under fifty, while Tommy Douglas leads in voting by people over fifty. Perhpas its not the NDP voting for Douglas but just old people.

Posted by Matthew @ 3:08 p.m.