Sunday, October 17, 2004


Living in a Society is the favourite social democratic blog of David Mader. Whoo hoo. I take that as quite the compliment. Really. Mader's intellectual rigour and consistently principled articulation of his own political theory makes Maderblog the favourite libertarian-conservative blog of Living in a Society.

Now, if we can dispense with these unaccustomed self-congratulatory compliments across the left-right divide, Mader cites my opposition to the Ontario governments ban on pitbulls (previous post) and sees an arugument against gun control laws. Suspecting I disagree (partly right) Mader asks, 'why the different standard?'

I may post a more lengthy response later, but for now, my response is in the comments to Mader's afformentioned post. Check it out.

Posted by Matthew @ 4:16 p.m.