Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Never mind daily updates on the electoral college standings, check out the current standings in The Greatest Canadian vote.

As of this writing the top three, in order are:
1. Tommy Douglas
2. Terry Fox
3. Pierre Trudeau

The fact that Don Cherry is not in dead last (currently 7th) is supremely annoying. The fact that Douglas, Trudeau, and Suzuki (4th) are all in the top five suggests Canadians are tending to want the Greatest Canadian to reflect their liberal ideals or alternately, and just as plausibly, only liberals are taking any notice of this little exercise.

The CBC standings don't show the number of votes each candidate holds but my guess is that Tommy's current top standing is a result of his episode already having played and that his position wont hold. The fact that Fox and Trudeau are 2-3 without their episodes having played, while Cherry and Gretzky are 7-8 after their episodes is telling. I expect both Fox and Trudeau to move up after their episodes air, its difficult to tell whether Trudeau is at an advantage or disadvantage from going last.

My prediction for the final result is that the top three remain the same except that the order switches to:
1. Fox
2. Trudeau
3. Douglas

I'd accept that.

Posted by Matthew @ 4:08 p.m.