Sunday, September 05, 2004


The other day the Pope gave the new Canadian ambassador a talking to about our nation's movement towards greater legal acceptance of same-sex marriages. First, what's the deal with foreigners telling us how to run our country of late? It began with Paul Cellucci, then it was Ralph Nader and now His Holiness. Do people all of a sudden care about what Canada does?

Secondly, the Pope is always good for a laugh, usually because he's never trying to be funny. Speaking to the new ambassador, Donald Smith, the Pope said, "the institution of marriage necessarily entails the complementarity of husbands and wives who participate in God's creative activity through the raising of children." Now I'm pretty sure, but not positive, that the Pope is talking about sex here, because that's the best euphamism for sex I've ever seen.

Imagine it in conversation:
So what did you do last night?
Well, we went out, I met this girl, we went back to her place, we engaged in some complementarily creative activity...

The Pope went on to say that, "spouses thereby ensure the survival of society and culture, and rightly deserve specific and categorical legal recognition by the State."

I'm continually baffled by the ability of some opponents of same sex marriage to assume that allowing gays to marry will somehow inhibit straight people from marrying or even having sex. As if allowing same-sex marriages will lead to straight people saying to each other: "Eeew, marriage? That's so gay. There's no way I'm getting married."

And if we ever need a law to ensure that people keep having complementarily creative activity, then I think that society will be about finished anyway.

Posted by Matthew @ 1:18 p.m.