Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Paul Wells gives a reality check to anyone who thought the recent health-care agreement was anything other than standard Canadian federalism at work.

I think it is simply inherent to the nature of Canadians to forsee the collapse of our country around every corner, and who can blame us? As I have said before, Canada is a combination of paradoxes, that, when examined rationally would lead one to believe that the country should have ceased to exist years ago. The entire history of our country is filled with declinists who have predicted the nation's inevitable demise.

So when Andrew Coyne or Warren Kinsella or whomever worry about the end of federalism, or even Canada, as a result of the first ministers recent agreement, I suppose they can be excused. Greater men have predicted similar results in response to less significant conditions.

By the way, the practical joke that Wells makes reference to but can't remember the details of originates with Jonathan Swift convincing Londoners that John Partridge had died. One of the all time great hoaxes.

Posted by Matthew @ 11:38 a.m.