Monday, June 28, 2004


Today's election may end Paul Martin's government, making it one of the shortest lived governments in Canadian history. Also, regardless of who forms the next government, today's election may be only the beginning of the end of one of the shorter governments on record. So, for some comparison, the following are the six shortest governments our country has ever had. Listed are the leader, his or her party affiliation, the length of time the government lasted, and the dates it served during.

1. Sir Charles Tupper (Cons.): 69 days, 1 May 1896-8 July 1896
2. John Turner (Lib.): 80 days, 30 June 1984-17 September 1984
3. Arthur Meighen (Cons.): 107 days, 29 June 1926-25 September 1926
4. Kim Campbell (P.C.): 132 days, 25 June 1993-4 November 1993
5. Paul Martin (Lib.): 199 days, 12 December 2003-Today
6. Joe Clark (P.C.); 273 days, 4 June 1979-3 March 1980

Posted by Matthew @ 12:21 a.m.