Monday, April 19, 2004


Yesterday both Mader Blog and PolSpy pointed out and rightfully denounced Team-Martin strategist David Herle's comments that the Conservative Party of Canada is 'anti-Canadian.' Comments like this are insulting, should not be tolerated, and only serve to indicate the levels to which Team-Martin are willing to reduce thier political discourse.

The statement is obviously insulting and disrespectful to the party but also to any Canadian who would vote for it, who would consider voting for it, or who even acknowledges it as a responsible federal party. The message from Herle and Team Martin to all Canadians is this: if you recognize the legitimacy of the Conservative Party you are anti-Canadian.

Is this the level at which Team-Martin is going to debate the next election? To so recklessly and disrespectfully label their opponents, Team-Martin indicates that they make no attempt to understand and consider an other's position. It exhibits their intellectual laziness and sheer narrow-mindedness. I suspect that the 35% of Canadians who would today vote for the Conservatives don't take kindly to having thier decision labelled as 'anti-Canadian.' I imagine that most other reasonable citizens and potential voters who, like me, may not be voting Conservative also do not want to be told what is and is not properly Canadian.

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Posted by Matthew @ 2:43 a.m.