Monday, April 19, 2004


CP reporter Joan Bryden reports the Liberals are publically turning on each other along the lines of Martinites and 'Liberals in Exile,' as Warren Kinsella has termed the true Liberals.

Much of this article should give Team-Martin a lot to worry about, but I think the most important point is made by Winnipeg MP John Harvard who,

said he fears some Liberal rank and file, upset about the internecine feuding, will sit out the election.
"My grassroots people need to get a sense that bygones are bygones . . . I don't think they did that," Harvard said.


In the 2000 election I volunteered on the campaing of then Treasury Board minister Lucienne Robillard in Montreal. Along with dozens of other volunteers I woke up at 7:00 a.m. to put up campaign signs, I compiled data bases of voters to call, and did various other grunt work, quite gladly, that is so necessary to running a successful campaign at the riding level. I was proud to be working for the party of Laurier, King, Pearson, Trudeau, and Chretien. I can tell you I won't be voluneering for Team-Martin, in fact, I will likely give my services to another federal party.

So is David Herle ready knock on doors and put up lawn signs?

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