Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Bourque has been more prominently displaying a link to his blog roll over the past day or two, which has actaully resulted in me getting several hits from his site whereas I used to get almost none.

I have a question though. Bourque offers to link to your blog if you link to his page. He says:

Got a Blog ? Want a link ? First, create a prominent link to Bourque near the top of your Blog, then send your Blog url to Bourque. That's all there is to it.

A quick glance at several random blogs on the roll show that all of them link to Bourque. The interpretation of 'prominent' is pretty loose but the links are all there. Bourque's roll however includes a link to Paul Wells. Now, I like Wells' blogging as much as the next Canadian blogger, but other Canadian bloggers will also know that Wells doesn't link to Bourque. I don't think he has anything against Bourque, Wells doesn't link to anyone. I'm just saying that Bourque seems to be bending his rules for a big name blogger. Obviously, Wells doesn't need Bourque sending him traffic, in fact it may be the other way around. Perhaps that's my answer.

In other linking news, the man himself, Warren Kinsella, has linked to me and a group of other excellent bloggers. I'm flattered. In a shamless quid pro quo I've moved my link to WK up to the ridiculously titled 'Essential' category of my blog roll. Yes, in some things I can be bought, and rather easily.

Posted by Matthew @ 12:49 a.m.