Monday, March 08, 2004


My Far Side wall callendar infrorms me that today is apparently Commonwealth Day. Having never heard of this apparent celebratory day I went to Google to find out more.

Heritage Canada indicates that Commonwealth Day was first observed in 1977 initiated from a Canadian proposal for a day to recognize the unity and achievments of the Commonwealth to be celebrated in all member nations.

The celebration of Commonwealth Day entails no uniform manner of observance of Commonwealth Day upon member countries, it being left to each country to mark that day as it considers suitable. It is not a statutory holiday; rather it is a day of observance by close to one billion persons of their common bonds and the contribution of the Commonwealth of Nations to the creation of a harmonious global environment. has more information on the day. Apparently every year a theme for the day is chosen and the Queen delivers an address on that theme. This year's theme is 'Building a Commonwealth of Freedom and the Queen's rather short and uninspired address is here.

Apparently Commonwealth Day is celbrated on the second Monday in March. To me it just seems like another good excuse for a new holiday between New Year's and Easter.

Posted by Matthew @ 1:54 p.m.