Tuesday, February 17, 2004


I just recently discovered Tilting at Windmills. Written by Kevin Brennan its seems to have just started up last week. Like most of my other links its focus is on Canadian politics. Plus I'm partial to those who quote Don Quixote. However, I not Kevin uses the same template as I do. Good choice, but it only goes to remind me that I have to eventually personalize my template to a greater degree or upgrade from blog*spot. For now, I'll keep telling myself its about the content not the form.

Also, its the week before winter study break here at McGill so naturally I have lots to do. There are mid-terms and papers as well as a variety of student government elections related stuff I'm involved in.

Anyway, there won't be much to read here this week but I'm free all of next week so expect a lot more exciting blogging then.

Posted by Matthew @ 12:54 a.m.