Thursday, February 05, 2004


Via Bourque: Newly re-affirmed Liberal Jean Lapierre is having to deny allegations that he passed on Liberal party secrets to Gilles Duceppe, even after he had left the Bloc Quebecois. This Montreal Gazette story elaborates:

"Lapierre was selling out the Liberals at every turn. He revealed indiscretions. I find it strange that the Liberals are welcoming him with open arms."

A source close to Lapierre confirmed yesterday that the two [Lapierre and Duceppe] are good friends and talked regularly until a week ago. However, they played down the role Lapierre played in embarrassing cabinet ministers, saying his role was helping Duceppe understand the players involved.
The witness speculated Lapierre's motives had little to do with friendship [with Duceppe].

"I have the impression he was doing it for Martin to destabilize Chretien."

As I have been saying this week, Lapierre's loyalty to the Liberals and to the country is questionable. The only loyalty he has is to Martin. If this needed to be made any clearer Bourque reports Lapierre as saying that "he will quit federal politics (again) when Martin retires."

Lapierre is going to be in Cabinet and he's going to be Martin's boss in Quebec. Just remeber that this man sees himself serving Paul Martin first and foremost, not the office of the Prime Minister, not the Liberal party, and not the country.

Posted by Matthew @ 5:15 p.m.