Thursday, January 29, 2004


The Bank of Canada has announced the release of a new $100 bill. The billl is the third to be redesigned in the Canadian Journey Series that is replacing the Birds of Canada Series. The new note is enhanced with four new security features including a water mark, holographic stirpe, see-through number and windowed thread. The design of the bill maintains the dominant colour scheme of the old bill as well as the image of Prime Minister Borden in a newly engraved portrait. The theme for the reverse of the note, replacing the Canada goose, is 'Exploration and Inovation.' It features an image of a 1632 map of New France by Samuel de Champlain along with a birch bark canoe as well as a depiction of the satalite Radarsat-1 along with a satalite image of the entire country.

As for my opinion on the new series of bills I'm torn. I like the fronts of the new bills. I prefer the new portraits of the prime ministers and the greater prominence of parliamentary buildings. The overall look is simple, sleek and distinguished. As for the backs, I don't like them. I understand how they're trying to modernize the theme but its not working for me. The design is too collage like and the images don't have the right sense of gravity.

Now to start my lobbying campaign to replace the image of the Queen on the $20 with that of Trudeau. Or better yet, keep the Queen and put Trudeau on the reverse in his pirouette pose.

Posted by Matthew @ 1:13 a.m.