Wednesday, January 21, 2004


I just left the Tim Horton's store located in the basement of the McLennan Library at McGill University in outrage. I had not been to a Tim Horton's outlet in Quebec for quite some time and I was shocked to discover the price of a Timbits SnackPack had gone up to $2.75.

Now, Timbits have always been more expensive here in Quebec. They used to be $2.50. This price was already out of range for snacking purposes but I was willing to pay it, on occasion, when I had a real craving for the sugary-doughy goodness of Timbits. But I draw the line at $2.75. I will go on a Tim Horton's hunger strike. I will starve myself of Timbits before I succumb to this price.

Whith the switch to frozen dough and now this price increase I sense a possible Tim Horton's backlash coming on.

Posted by Matthew @ 5:12 p.m.