Thursday, January 15, 2004


As Warren Kinsella says, this so-called "local matter" just went national.

As reported in the Globe and Mail this morning Sheila Copps has not ruled out transferring her allegiance and running for the NDP in the next election should her nomination fight in Hamilton fail.

James Bow and Don already have their own comments on the issue. I agree with both of them that its another signal of the Liberal shift to the right under Martin and the increasing strength of the NDP. However, I think us left-leaning folks might be overestimating the magnitude of this shift.

My unsolicited advice to Copps is to gauge the outcome of the nomination meeting and make her decision to switch parties before the actual vote. If she goes NDP before the meeting then she will appear principled. If she waits until she loses she risks alienating too many people by appearing too opportunistic.

Posted by Matthew @ 1:17 p.m.