Wednesday, January 28, 2004


I know I haven't posted very much lately on my political theory class with Ed Broadbent. Its not because the class or Broadbent are not interesting, both are. Broadbent is obviously very intelligent and its good to know that there are at least some politicians who think seriously about the ideas that underpin their policies. Class discussion has taken a little while to develop but its coming along now. There just has not been anything that has seemed particularly blogable to me.

What the class really needs is someone with a hard-core classical liberal, free market focused philosophy to speak up. Most people in the class are varying degrees of modern liberals or social democrats. I have a feeling that there are a couple serious liberals in the class but they have yet to really show themselves. We'll see what develops and I'll see if I can glean anything really interesting out of Broadbent

Posted by Matthew @ 7:33 p.m.