Saturday, January 10, 2004


Everyone is talking about how cold it is in Eastern Canada right now.

Incedentally, my roommate and I just spent 40 minutes walking home across Mount Royal tonight with temperatures below -25. Of course we had a warm house to come home to.

Tragically, the freezing weather is taking a real toll in human terms as the homeless and the elderly are dying from the temperatures. Reason number four not to complain about the cold.

Update: 18:41 EST, 1/10/04 - The number one story on Google News Canada right now is the weather. Yeesh.

More... blogging about how cold it is. James Bow takes a good attitude toward the weather though, of course it's not as cold in Toronto as it is in Montreal and I think its a little too much to hope for it being warmer after February second.

Posted by Matthew @ 4:10 a.m.