Monday, December 15, 2003


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Friends of Azan have contacted various media outlets and government officials. The story should be in mainstream media soon.

The good news is that Azan has been given a court date for this Wednesday 17 December. It is unclear whether this is a preliminary hearing or his actual trial. He still has not had access to legal council, hopefully this will come soon as well. Keep in mind however that Azan has already been detained for 12 days without a court appearance and without council. We'll see how things progress.

This can't be said enough: a public inquiry into the Maher Arar deportation is needed along with a review of Canadian foriegn policy with the U.S in regards to how the Americans handle Canadian citizens entering and leaving that country.

UPDATE: 00:28 16/12/03:
The Azan story was covered tonight by City Pulse News. I didn't see the coverage but it's good to know media outlets are starting to report it. Hopefully there will be more.

Posted by Matthew @ 11:52 p.m.