Monday, November 17, 2003


I turned on CBC Radio tonight to listen to the last fifteen minutes of Ideas. Ideas is always a good program and I figured it would be more enlightining than wasting my time with computer Risk.

Turning on the radio I find that what I am missing is this year's Massey Lecture series. Not only that but First Nations story teller and Guelph University professor Thomas King is giving the lectures. And just to add to my dissapointment of not having been listening from the start, today's lecture had been recorded last week here at McGill University and I missed it because I have been so busy with work. Arrg! Three times the frustration. This is what happens when one lets schooling get in the way of education.

Fortunately the re-broadcast of the series is only starting. For the rest of the week at 9:00 on CBC Radio you can hear Thomas King give this year's Massey Lectures entitled: The Truth About Stories. Its the Massey Lectures, its Thomas King. I recommend listening.

Posted by Matthew @ 10:04 p.m.