Friday, November 14, 2003


So, all the critics are saying that Chretien may have been a good manager but that he really did not accomplish much for the country. First, I think that's false, but secondly, being a good manager and strong leader may be worth a lot more than people currently give Chretien credit for.

Paul Wells is in Toronto at the Liberal convention and the second half of this post compares the Martin and Chretien organization and leadership. He sums up:

"In 1993 and 2000, it was the caucus that worried about lost seats and the leader who reassured them. Now the leader's doing enough worrying for everyone. And we get to read about it every day. I'm gonna love this government!"

Lots of people are expecting lots of big things from Martin. We'll see if he can live up to it all.

Posted by Matthew @ 1:25 a.m.