Thursday, November 20, 2003


The results of Paul Wells' Utterly Unscientific Poll are in. It seems the overwhelming majority are against replacing Dion with Lapierre.

Wells posted my comment, I'm the one listed from Newmarket, ON (my home town, Montreal's adopted). I wrote that if Lapierre were to abandon seperatism and show some real committment to a federal Canada then it would be a good gestrue of reconcilliation to bring him back to cabinet. I neglected to add, however, that I would not want to see Dion replaced. As many of the responses indicate, Dion has been a big part of Chretien's successful Quebec strategy and his intelligence and ability are assests in anyone's cabinet.

Wells also took the opportunity to recognize my blog along with Andrew Spicer and The Middle Man. Its nice to see Wells taking some steps towards the reciprocity that makes the blogosphere what it is. However, I have to say, if Paul Wells is linking to me, the Canadian blogosphere must be one small place. Its getting bigger though.

Posted by Matthew @ 3:13 p.m.