Monday, November 10, 2003


Yes, this year's edition of the ever popular Macleans University Rankings have been released, and this year they came so close to getting it right.

Although this study (blogged about below) recently ranked McGill as the best research institution in the country, Macleans saw fit to place McGill second to the behemoth that is UofT. I suppose if they keep cramming 2000+ kids into Convocation Hall for first year psych they're bound to find a few smart ones.

At least this year's survey placed us ahead of Queen's. All my friends at Queen's (along with my two high school history teachers) know I say this with the utmost possible respect: Everything about McGill will always be better than everything about your provincial little school in K-town. All you have is your grease poll, your tams and those smelly overalls.

Posted by Matthew @ 1:37 a.m.