Monday, October 27, 2003


Matthew Yglesias writes that the climate in the U.S is not yet ready for same-sex marriage but that it is only a matter of time. Further he says that opposing a Federal Marriage Amendment is worth risking an election on for the Democrats. He says:

Anyone who supports a Federal Marriage Amendment next year is going to look like a real ass a generation from now, and I plan on being alive and kicking well into the "what kind of asses supported that?" era and really don't want to say I voted for one.

He's right. In fifteen years the legislators who have opposed equal marriage for same-sex couples are going to look like the people who opposed universal suffrage and de-segregation. All those MPs who supported the Alliance motion to maintain the traditional definition of marriage back in September should be paying attention. Their position is only going to look increasingly ignorant and intolerant in the future. And like Yglesias says, I plan on being around to stick it to them.

Posted by Matthew @ 5:28 p.m.